About Us
We are a new and quickly developing company specializing in developing software for analyzing video and audio data.
The development of our company is mainly related to analyzing and synthesizing 3D scenes based on video streams in real time.
We are focused on the development of multi-core algorithms with the use of SIMD x86 processor instructions.


Обновлена текущая версия BSEAFRESH до версии 1.201.

Обновлена VideoChimeraHome до версии 1.897.


About VideoChimeraHome

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The unique tool for improving the quality of your webcam video and adding special effects in real time.

The powerful customizable and adaptive system of noise removal and video stream quality improvement will allow you to:
increase the frame rate without changing the bandwidth of your data transfer channel.
+ achieve a great image quality with lower resolution.
+ reduce traffic for video transfer.
+ dynamically change the frame rate depending on the amount of motion and the type of objects in view.

Automatic control
over the main parameters of the image will free you from routine operations.

Dozens of dynamic special effects based on matrix and histograms will add variety and individuality to the video. Effects can be combined in any order.

A convenient motion detector by levels, sizes and speed of movements and by the types of objects in view. Graphical control over detection parameters and control over the result.

The video stream is processed and special effects are added entirely with the 48-bit accuracy per pixel, which increases the image quality. That is why transformation errors are minimal.

You can embed the processed stream of video data into programs you use (Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, VirtualDub, iuVCR, etc.) with the help of the supplied WDM DirectShow driver.


The tool for testing CPU performance from the point of view of a video surveillance system.
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